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    New MILAIP supplement, QFU Landivisiau (LFRJ)










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  • NEWS

    CMIA 05/20 Use of VOLTAC and SETBA areas for light aviation army.

    CMIA 04/20 : Correction of Amendment No. 1 of the Annex to the Order of 20 July 2016 on Military Air Traffic Rules and Services

    OAT Rules 06/12/2020 version





    Removal ENR 5.4 chart in PDF format.

    Integration ENR 5.4 chart at Obstacle chart (obstacle and POKER zone data are accessible via the right menu. "ENR 5.4 Map" tab)

    Data presented on Obstacle chart are added, updated and deleted obstacles that will be published in the AIRAC cycle following current BMJ.

    Obstacle data are always downloadable here

    Addition of  printing module in the left menu of Obstacle chart.

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