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    Consultation of AZBA areas activity

    As of January 1st, 2024, the toll-free number 0800.24.54.66 will no longer be operational. To find out about actual activity of AZBA areas, please consult the NOTAMs. The activation slots for the Very Low Altitude Network (RTBA) are also available in the "AZBA charts" section of the French AIS website.

  • MILAIP AMENDMENT 05/24 of APRIL 17, 2024

    RTBA chart - currently effective Edition 01-2024

    OAT chart - currently effective Edition 02-2024

    CMCC sectors chart - currently effective Edition 02-2024

    Currently effective MILAIP




  • AIP AMENDMENT 05/24 of APRIL 17, 2024

    GAT chart - Edition 02-2024

    EN ROUTE charts additional information - Edition 02-2024

    Currently effective eAIP

    Currently effective Atlas VAC


    Instruction 3050 version 5.2 now available, enforcement 03/01/2024

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