Validity : DECEMBER 01, 2022 - DECEMBER 28, 2022

Download DIGITAL FLIGHT DOC as well as the manuals below :


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New deliverable of the SDVFR Mili application is available on the ESIOC Store.

You can load it now. It includes the following improvements :

- Google maps (plan, satellite, hybrid and terrain) are now sharper.

- Correction in the keyboard to enter geographic coordinates.

- Correction on the "Ma station" widget.

- The KML file reader now manages points.

- The KML file reader manages the description field (enterable field in GEarth) and displays a text at the center of the geometry.

- The application is sensitive to the KML file even if GEarth is not installed.

- The simplified simulator mode for FS2020, we must use our new SDVfrSimLinker Next client available on website :




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